Dare 2 Share is back!

D2S LIVE - 2019

Dare 2 Share Live is a national, live, multi-site training and outreach event that will inspire and unleash teens to spark a movement of Gospel conversations throughout the nation.

In addition to the live video stream with high energy, dynamic training from Greg Stier, Zane Black, Jerrod Gunter and Esteban Shedd, attendees will experience a live local worship band and a live emcee.

This is exactly what will happen on October 12th as teens from all over the country join together in their individual communities. As they are trained to share their faith, their hearts will break for their lost friends, and they will be unleashed onto their own streets to serve and share with boldness. Each of the communities surrounding the 100 satellite sites will be rocked with the gospel. A message that will begin in the hearts of each student will reverberate outward into a national movement of gospel conversations.