The idea of bringing the people of God together is not a new concept.

It is also not something thought up by any man.  It is the aim of God's heart to have his people so close to Himself, that as a result they draw close to one another.  Take a bull's eye target: everyone aims for the center, and the more accurate the shot, the closer together the darts are by default.  Similarly, the believer's commitment and submission is to Christ, He is our aim.  The closer we grow to Him, the closer we will become to one another.

Commitment and submission to Christ results in committment and submission to one another.  

The tragic condition we are experiencing today is a perversion of the truth.  One that hinges on each person's self, rather than being hinged to Christ, Though Christ may be in view, He is not truly the center of our target.  Without that common center, people are no longer drawn together in Christ-like love but rather to whatever it is that the self in us loves.

Without Christ's Divine love living through us, we are missing out on the full and abundant life He intends for us.  We are not sharing in His love one with another; and what may be even worse, we are not demonstrating to the world the greatest and truest love there is. 

And yet, there is hope.  Many people believe we are in a place in time where God is especially calling His people together.  He is the one who will heal and mend broken and strained relationships.  For those of us who will listen, Christ will align our hearts with His, causing us to put him back in the center where He belongs.

Have you experienced any results of this tragedy?

What are some ways we can collectively move Christ to the center of the target?